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DuraKwik Stone is a new innovative line of faux stone panels that you can install yourself to create a professional look. Installation is simple, no mortar, requiring only basic tools like saw and screwdrivers.

Durakwik Stones are made with high-density polyurethane foam and finished with layers of proprietary UV resistant coatings. All panels are molded off the real stone to give you the realistic appearance.

Durakwik Stones are durable and resistant to weathering. Averaging about 1lb/sqft , they are easy to install. The installation is not limited by the wearthercondition.

DuraKwik Stone comes in 3 collections.

  1. Stone Series (  Ledgestone / Stackedstone / Random Rock /Slatestone /Concrete Barks /Concrete Slabs)

  2. Brick Series  ( Rigid Brick / Old Chicago Brick /Thin Brick )

  3. Accessories  ( Ledger and Trim )


2020 Durakwik Stone Catalog

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