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  • What is Durakwik Stone made of ?
    DuraKwik Stone product is made with uniquely formulated high density polyurethane foam and proprietary UV resistant coating. DuraKwik Stones are durable against impact and weathering.
  • How much Durakwik Stone do I need ?
    Calculate the overall dimension of the area need to be covered. Calculate the quantity of panels needed based on the panel coverage. Add 5% and round up to get your final quantity. Please refer to Installation manual for details.
  • Can Durakik Stone be cut easily ?
    Yes,they can be cut with any standard saw with wood cutting blade.
  • What at the basic tools do i need ?
    Screws, screw driver, standard saw with wood cutting blade are the basic tools. Please refer to installation manual for details.
  • Can Durakwik Stone be used interior also ?
    Yes, however we recommend you refer and follow the guideline of your local building code for compliance.
  • Can Durakwik Stone be used around a fireplace ?
    Yes, if your fireplace is a gas or electrical fireplace. It’s not recommended for wood or coal burning stove to avoid contact with open flames, unless any open flame can be kept a minimum of 24” away from the panels. *Durakwik Stone products are made to be more resistant to fire and heat,but not fire/heat proof.They need to be kept away from any open flame or constant heat source of higher than 200F for at least 24".
  • Do I have to use screws to install ?
    We recommend using screws, especially for exterior installs to secure panels. When installed inside where no significant temperature fluctuation or structural movement occurs, nails or adhesive (PL Premium) can be used
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